Rules & Eligibility

Rules & Eligibility – 2021 SPRING/SUMMER

Game / Playing Rules

  1. Game consists of 2 – 20 minute running halves with stop time the last minute of each half.  During the first 19 minutes of each half, the time only stops for injuries and timeouts.

  2. Pre-game and halftime are usually 3-5 minutes, but may be shortened at the discretion of the referees and tournament officials in order to keep games on time.

  3. In case of a tie at the end of regulation, all games will have a 1 minute overtime period.  Overtime period starts with a jump ball. There will not be any time-outs allowed during overtime (even if a team has one  left).  If it is still tied after one overtime it then goes to sudden death (starting with a jump ball) where the first team that scores wins.

  4. Each team gets 4 full timeouts per game.

  5. If a team is up by 25 points or more, the clock runs through the last minute, even if the lead slips below 25 points.

  6. No full court pressing by the team leading once their lead reaches 25 points.

  7. Bonus foul shots (1 and 1) starting on the 7th team foul per half. Double bonus on the 10th team foul per half.

  8. Player is disqualified after 5 personal fouls.

  9. Technical, flagrant, and intentional fouls are not shot. They are an automatic 2 points and ball possession for the non-violating team. If a player or coach is assessed two of these fouls, they are removed from the game and must leave the gym, and must meet with the tournament director before being allowed to play or coach in subsequent games. Technical fouls also count as personal fouls.

  10. No harassment of officials, players or coaches will be tolerated. Any violation of this will result in the removal of that person without refund of money.
  11. Ball sizes (all balls must be NFHS approved):

    All girls’ divisions use girl’s ball (28.5)
    All boy’s divisions (age 10 through 12) use girl’s ball (28.5) – unless both coaches agree
    All boy’s divisions (age 13 and above) use boy’s ball (29.5)

  12. Teams must bring their own practice basketballs.  The game ball will be chosen from one of the two teams.

  13. All other rules that are not stated above will follow the NHSFA (National High School Federation) rules. 

Player Eligibility

  • All coaches are responsible to see that their roster meets all eligibility requirements and is in agreement with the rules for out-of-season play that are listed by your state athletic association.

  • The coach is responsible for providing the appropriate identification for all of their players (birth certificate, copy of a current year report card, student picture ID with grade level, AAU membership card,…) for age division verification. If a player in question does not produce identification when asked, they may not play in any further games until it is produced. If this affects enough of your players where you can not field at least five on the court, you will forfeit that game and all subsequent games, with a loss of any fees/admissions paid.

  • Any challenges of a player’s age division must be made BEFORE game time to a tournament director (and it must come from the team’s head coach). A team that challenges MUST have all of their verification paperwork available for their team in order to make a challenge – no challenge will be accepted if the challenging team does not have their paperwork on hand. The ONLY person who will look at the verification paperwork is the tournament director – the opposing coaches, parents and/or players will not have access to the verification paperwork. This is due to privacy concerns.

    Age divisions for the tournaments 
  • 7th grade     
  • 8th grade     
  • Junior Varsity (can be 8th – 11th grade)
  • Varsity (can be 9th – 12th grade)          

In some tournaments, based on enrollment, some divisions may be combined

  • Grade Determining
    September, 1, 2021, shall be the determining date for the grade the competitor Eligibility to participate is based first on the grade determining date.  The grade of the athlete is not a consideration if the athlete meets the age determining date.   

  • There are no protests.  All AFBE staff and referee decisions are final.

  • Players may play on more than one team in the tournament, as long as they are in different age divisions (and they are eligible in both of the age division). They must be on the roster of both teams. 


  • Each team will be asked to supply a person to keep the official scorebook or work the scoreboard for their team. There might be someone from the tournament staff already doing the scorebook and/or clock, in this case you will not have to supply anyone.

  • Each team will be provided with 3 wristbands for coaches and/or scorekeeper. The wristbands allow free admittance to the gyms and must be worn the entire weekend. Only team personnel wearing the wristbands will be admitted free of charge into the gym. Coaches must sign in at the main table to pick up their wristbands.

  • Only coaches wearing the wristbands will be allowed on the bench during games.


  • There will be an entrance fee per day for all spectators.  Your entry fee will get you into any of the gyms where the tournament will be played and is good for the entire day.

  • Teams are responsible for providing their own medical supplies (ice, tape,…) and personnel.

  • No flyers/brochures may be distributed for other tournaments/camps/clinics at any AFBE event without approval from the AFBE corporate office. Anyone caught doing so without permission will be ejected from the tournament.

  • Disorderly conduct, damage to facilities, or violations of rules in the opinion of the tournament staff will cause you and your team to be ejected from the tournament. You will immediately forfeit all subsequent games and all fees/admissions paid.

  • AFBE, the host site and all staff members are not responsible for injuries to players, coaches, spectators, or guests. Injuries are the responsibility of the player’s own health insurance.

  • Tie breakers for pool play (if teams have the same record) are as follows:

    A. Record of teams head-to-head.

    B. Point differential from wins and losses will be added together, with a maximum of 15 points being counted from each win and/or loss. ANY FORFEIT WILL COUNT AS 15 POINTS TOWARD THE OVER ALL POINT DIFFERENTIAL. The team with the greater point differential in total games will be the tie-breaker winner.

    C. The team with the lowest total points allowed.

  • For the Tournament of Champions, teams will be seeded based on their prior AFBE tournament appearances and success.

  • Tournament refunds:

    If a team signs up for a tournament and then has to withdrawal prior to the initial deadline of that tournament, they will get a refund for that tournament (minus a $15 processing fee).

    If a team signs up for a tournament and then has to withdrawal after the initial deadline of that tournament, there will not be a refund issued unless a replacement team is found and pays the entry fee (in which case they will get a refund minus a $15 processing fee).